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Green Policy

Dunstane City has just received a GOLD award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme for our efforts to make our hotel environmentally friendly and aware. Well done to all the staff and our guests who support us in our continued efforts!

We can all do our bit towards saving the enviornment by:

Ensuring that lights and other electrical equipment is switched off when
not required. The hotel has been fitted with all low energy fittings and
all low energy bulbs. All bedrooms are fitted with energy savers
(electronic card opens the bedroom door and also used to put lights on
in bedroom). Sensors have been fitted in all corridor areas so no waste
of light if no one is there.

Hot and cold taps are turned off when not in use and that taps are not
left running. Water saving devices is fitted in all bathrooms to help
reduce the water supply we use in the hotel.

Windows and doors are closed especially when heating is in use. All
equipment should be used efficiently and also turned off when not in
Staff should also actively promote environmental awareness within the
hotel in accordance with the laid down policies.

Guests are encouraged to participate in this initiative by voluntarily
choosing to have their towels and bed sheets changed less often. Our
policy bed linen changed every 3 days unless requested otherwise. Towels
are changed daily if placed in bath tub, if you do not wish this to
happen, please hang towels on towel rail.

Dunstane City recycles all glass bottles.

Dunstane City recycles all ink cartridges.

Dunstane City recycles all cardboard.

Car parking facility at the hotel is limited and solely for the use of
our guests and as such staff are discouraged from using their personal
car to travel to and from work. We encourage staff to walk or ride a
bike to work rather than take car or bus.

We are very careful on placing orders, we always make sure we can order
and store as much as we can to save on fuel costs. We use the same
suppliers as our sister hotel so as they can deliver to both places at
the same time.

We will monitor utility consumption levels on a monthly basis and aim to
reduce consumption at every opportunity.

Our staff members make sure guests are aware of the measures that we
take and the measures that they can choose to take to help take care of
our environment.

Our staff do the following things to help us achieve our environmental

Turn off any appliances or lights that are not in use
* Promote recycling facilities to guests
* Make sure all orders are placed in bulk so that no excess
packaging is used.
* Ensure no extra laundry is necessary by informing guests of our
linen policy
* Make sure you are aware of local public transport options so
that you can inform guests of their options.
* Travel to work without the use of a personal car.
* We encourage guests on check out to present any comments or
ideas that they have to help us improve.

For more information on Green Tourism please go to our partners website


t: 0131 337 6169


t: 0131 337 6169

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